Doorstep Divas - Stole my money & never delivered anything

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I agree with the last reviewer.I not only lost the over $700 I paid jamie for the supposed delivery, but I lost the 23,000 flyers I paid to have made up that never got delivered.

I think she is just irresponsible; and as time slipped away, she just never bothered to deliver my flyers. She will be brought into small claims court this winter.

She didn't seem like a thief when I met her, I believe she had a good idea for a business but was too irresponsible to follow through with it.She screwed up a potentially good thing, because this is a service that is needed around here.

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Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #46817

You should ALWAYS wear Helmes when jumping into a business deal and not doing your homework.:grin Get it??

Probably not.:x :sigh

Doorstep Divas

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This company, owned and run by Jamie LaFrenier, is the worst company in this area for delivery. She does not deliver to the area she says when she says. She does not deliver the quantity she states, and she uses very poor and possible illegal tactics with advertisers.When she delivers, throwing her junk mail onto the lawns of residents, she claims it is sealed in a bag. The bags usually are not sealed and the trash is constantly blowing around the town.

She has a website that has certain things listed, but she doesn't follow-through with them.

I will never use her service again, and I recommended to her advertisers that they quit using her as they look bad when their paper is blowing around this neighborhood.

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Susan- I wrote the above post. You are totally wrong in your assumption.

I do not have a delivery service. I have not called the customers. I have not pretended to be anyone else. And I am not a female.

I guess you are wrong. I wonder if you are one of the Divas trying to refute a complaint?

Manilla, Indiana, United States #23024

It's funny, but the person who wrote this complaint happens to run another doorstep delivery service in the area. She has tried to make The Doorstep Divas looked bad in the past by calling customers and pretending to be someone else. I think she is the one using illegal tactics!

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